CBBC has lots of games, activities and information on staying safe online.

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Dixi:3 - Game of Dixi

An anonymous internet troll targets Shari and her friends.

Can she end the cyber bullying and solve the biggest Dixi mystery yet?

If The Next Step ruled the internet

For Safer Internet Day we caught up with The Next Step cast behind the scenes of Taking The Next Step (a brand new show coming to CBBC in 2016). James, West and Eldon told us what they would do to change the internet and help people be nicer to each other online.

Learn how Guy Fawkes got into trouble by using 'Thy Space...'!

Lady Jane Grey learnt the hard way to be careful when opening emails....!

Wonderwebworld!  - Caught in the web!

What is griefing and trolling in Minecraft?

Quiz: Are you an accidental cyberbully? Have you ever left an online comment you regret? Sometimes you might be a cyberbully without realising.

Hacker and Dodge's Factsheet - their guide to staying safe.

Hacker's top 5 tips for internet safety.

Your Lifebabble Stories
Young people share their real-life experiences with Lifebabble.

If you need our help with an e-safety problem, you can email us at the address below. We check this inbox every school day.